industrial storage tanksAt Ostrom Boiler Service Inc, we offer a large inventory of refurbished boilers and auxiliary equipment. We take special care of our products to ensure that they are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We have a large enough team to handle all your needs; yet we’re small enough to provide you with the personalized attention that you deserve.

Our experienced team remains at the forefront of applying up-to-date technologies to our products. We have the knowledge and experience to do the job right, while providing you with the equipment you need to complete your project.

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Available Used Equipment:


1- 1993- Cleaver Brooks 125HP 150PSI design, nat gas, and #2 fuel oil, 4" steam outlet, 16" dia stack.

1- 1980- Cleaver Brooks 125HP 150PSI design, gas only, 4" steam outlet, 16" dia stack, retubed.

1- Teledyne Mighty Therm 1,825,000 BTU/HR Input hydronic boiler, atomospheric with pump.

1- Teledyne Summit 250,000 BTU/HR hydronic boiler sealed combustion with pump.

1- Raypak Hi-Delta 2010 2.070,000 BTU/HR Input, 1,739,000 BTU/HR Output, model # H92072 with add parts, no pump.

2- Raypak Hi-Delta 2003 model # H4-0302, 300,000 BTU/HR Input/ 252,000 Output, with pumps, 110V control, (pumps need to be rebuilt)


1- Lockwood- 100 gallon boiler feedwater tank.

1- Hurst- 90 gallon boiler feedwater tank.              

1- Industrial- 250 gallon boiler feedwater tank.     

1- Superior- 235 gallon boiler feedwater tank.


1- Powerflame J-30-12, gas only, 1,260,000 BTU/HR Input Max, 115V, On/ Off.

1- Powerflame J50A-15 2,219,000 BTU/HR Input, gas only, On/Off, 115V 1/4HP.

1- Powerflame LNIC 3-25B, Gas/Oil, 4,032,000 Input- 1,923,00 Output, Full Mod, 230/460V fan, 115V control.

1- Powerflame 10,000,000 BTU/HR Input, 480V, 3ph, gas & oil.

1- Powerflame C4-G-25, 4,200,000 BTU/HR Input, 5hp 230V 3ph, 110V control, full mod, gas only.

1- Powerflame C1-0, 1,200,000 BTU/HR, Oil only.

2- Gordon Piatt R8-G-05, 115/230V 1ph, 1,357,000 BTU/HR Input/Output Max., Gas only, Low-Hi-Low.

1- Gordon Piatt S7-G-05, 1,540,000 BTU/HR Input 560,000 Output, 208 3ph On/Off,120V controls.

1- Gordon Piatt 8,900,000 BTU/HR, gas only 120V control, 208V 3ph, full mod.

1- York/Shipley FV-20 Type N-2, 2,095,000 BTU/HR, Gas/ #2 Oil, 1HP 230V motor.

1- S.T. Johnston DHF-025, Sz-20, 840,000 BTU/HR, On/Off.




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